High Speed Surface Aerator

Aeration and mixing of shallow and medium depth tanks, lagoons & ponds



  • The motors are to IE3 standards with enclosures and additional protection plus sealing especially modified to Europelec standards


  • Consisting of a propeller
  • Stainless steel fins
  • Motor support in stainless steel
  • Deflector or Spinning device only (depending on the aerator model)
  • The float is made up of pre-molded, ultra-resistant, recyclable HDPE construction, mounted on a stainless-steel structure (304L or 316L). The float is highly resistant to shock loading and is mechanical and chemically resistant ensures perfect buoyancy and stability of the aerator.
  • Stainless steel draft tubes available


  • 304L or 316L
  • Side suction for shallow lagoon and extension pipe for deep tanks
  • 4 or 6 pole motor (1500 or 1000 rpm)
  • Lifting Options: can offer polyester slings which are certified lightweight, easy to handle and offer high chemical resistance
  • Mooring rope or guide bar securing system in case of significant liquid level variations
  • Lifting Brackets

Low Speed Surface Aerator

Fixed or mobile aerator with one of the highest real yields on the market

Main characteristics

  • Slow speed aerators used for aeration and mixing of urban and industrial wastewater in various processes
  • Provided in either fixed bridge or floating designs
  • Provided in either fixed bridge or floating designs
  • The TLF Turbine Aerator is one of the most efficient aeration products in the marketplace
  • Produces High Mixing and Homogenous Solutions in large lagoons and ASP tanks.


  • Significant power range from 1.5kw to 200 kw (higher power on request)
  • Maximum oxygenation efficiency and effective mixing
  • Various material of construction for all types of applications
  • Flexibility and customisation to meet the customer’s requirements
  • Reduced noise attenuation to meet local environmental requirments
  • Low maintenance floating rotors
  • Can be used in deep tanks and large lagoons
  • One of the highest real returns in the market


  • IP55 geared motor with IE3 highly efficient rating
  • Coupling sleeve and based materials coated with high grade Epoxy paint
  • Float can me supplied in various materials including HDPE
  • Rotor made of glass fibre reinforced polyester. The GRP has a low
    density which allows installation without having to empty the tank and the design also reduces the axial loads on the gearbox.


  • Can also be provided with a cover to avoid aerosols distribution into the atmosphere
  • Gear motor and cowling
  • Flexible Designs to allow for aerators to be fitted to existing civil structures or steel bridges
  • Units can be lifted readily and as one piece allowing simple installation.
  • Draft Tubes for deep basins
  • Anchoring & Cables for the Floating version
  • Possibility of mounting the low-speed aerator on a floating pontoon with or without an access platform