Klinger Products

Our range of unique products and solutions.

Offering one of the most extensive DIN and ANSI portfolios within the sealing and fluid control industry, components for KLINGER products are obtained exclusively from certified sources. Using the latest design and pilot technology, every KLINGER product ensures a cutting edge advantage for plant integrity.

At KLINGER we focus on ensuring plant safety. No matter whether the medium to be transported is fluid or gaseous, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that media remain where they are intended. Fully committed to this approach, our products ensure reliable and safe operation – without leakages and subsequent harm or material damage. Our duty is to assist in avoiding such incidents through the provision of our innovative and state of the product range, which is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the industries we are active in.

Dosing Pumps

Milton Roy manufactures controlled-volume metering pumps and equipment that deliver unsurpassed reliability and accuracy in critical chemical dosing applications.

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Progressive Cavity Pumps

SEEPEX world leader in pump technology. Progressive Cavity pumps are used when it is necessary to pumping a fluid with low or high viscosity, aggressive or abrasive with low pulsation rates

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Pneumatic pumps

These pumps are mainly developed around the air distribution system, high technology diaphragm, pumping chamber geometry and valve system. The main applications are for products with high viscosities, and it is possible to transport pastes.

Peristaltic Pumps

Equipment used to transport viscous or abrasive solids products. They have high suction and compression power. They are used for high flow rates in various processes.

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