Tailor-made solutions for all industries.

At KLINGER we focus on ensuring plant safety. No matter whether the medium to be transported is fluid or gaseous, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that media remain where they are intended.

Fully committed to this approach, our plant safety technology solutions – gaskets, valves, metal hoses, expansion joints and instrumentation – ensure reliable and safe operation. Without leakages and subsequent harm or material damage. Our mission is to assist in avoiding such incidents through the provision of our innovative and state of the art product range, which is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the respective industries.

Continuous production is a key success factor within the manufacturing industry. Our revolutionary and high-quality sealing technology products dramatically reduce the risk of undesired downtimes.
Sealing technology from KLINGER meets the high requirements of the chemical and petrochemical industry. We focus on ensuring plant and environmental safety by providing top-quality and durable products.
The requirements of the oil & gas industry with regard to sealing technology solutions are both diverse and extremely demanding. We are the first choice in terms of safety and reliability and provide the best product for every single application.
Our team with know-how in the wastewater and drinking water treatment sector provides solutions for fluid control, sealing, metering, pumping, analytical and measuring instrumentation, pretreatment, aeration, filtration and UV disinfection applications.
High-quality sealing technology products are a must for process safety within the energy sector. KLINGER offers a wide range of safe and reliable solutions for combined cycle, wind, solar, hydro, nuclear and thermal power plants.
KLINGER significantly supports the pulp & paper industry in reducing downtimes and avoiding emissions. Our sealing technology products stand for optimized processes and increased efficiency.
A highly demanding industry with diverse products and undergoing severe and critical services. Requires a range of high quality and varied products that can meet the demands and regulations. From production and extraction to ancillary services, we have sealing and fluid control elements for every need.
Cleanliness and hygiene are non-negotiable factors within the pharmaceutical industry. Our products are in full compliance with the sector’s strict and demanding regulations and stand out thanks to their long service life
KLINGER is in full compliance with the specified requirements and constraints of the food and beverage industry. We offer safe and reliable solutions for all applications.
The transport sector benefits from our high-quality, innovative products and their long service life. We provide technical solutions and certified products that are also able to fully operate under extreme conditions.