Flanged Industrial Series

The Vertical series is the ideal solution for pumping from wells or tanks. It is suitable for pumping viscous andnon-viscous products as well as abrasive or aggressive ones. Available with outlet flange connections UNI, DIN, ANSI and GAS BSP; the suction nozzle instead is made with a particular design optimized for priming the product in which it is lost in. The length is totally customizable according to the setup requirements.

The stainless steel version (AISI 304 or AISI 316) has a protective jacket that covers the stator as standard to prevent it from corrosion.There are two standard configurations availables: the short version and the long version.The difference is in the length of the installation with which they are required for.
The short version is compact,robust, easy to install.

The long version instead allows installation in deep wells or tanks, and presents a complete series of dedicated optimizations such as the removable inlet for easy maintenance of the rotor, stator and coupling.
A fundamentalcharacteristic is the support of the downhole baseplate, with a clamping cone which makes the pump very stable and vibration free even in extreme conditions of use.Both series are always configured in a monobloc arrangement.

DV Short version: Compact. This version allows installation with only anchor plate.

DV Long version: This version requires to be fixed with a downhole baseplate with the clamping cone to minimize the vibrations and oscillations of the pump caused by the considerable length of the pump itself