The annealed flexible metal hose profile is smilar to solar hose and it is annealed after forming to eliminate the cold working effects of the forming process. These hoses keeps their shape when bent.

These hoses are prefered because they are easy to assembly. There is no need to use elbow, reductions or other parts during assembly. Not need cutting, threading, welding and so on during assembly.

Annealed flexible metal hoses are manufactured in accordance with EN-15266 standart.

Advantages of Annealed Flexible Metal Hoses

  • Easy to assemble
  • Takes desired shape easily
  • Keeps its shape when bent
  • Saves Money and time
  • It reduces the risk of leakage since itiş monolithic
  • Not required a lot of extra part for assembly

Applications of Annealed Flexible Metal Hoses

  • Gas pipelines
  • Hot & Cold water pipelines