Automatic bar screen

The Traction Grid Vertical Bar Screen is a great solution for wastewater pumping stations. The solids are dragged by a clawed spoon that is pulled through a polyester strap.

  • Solids discharge orientation upstream (SG400 and NG models) and downstream (XG model)
  • Adapts to all civil works
  • Possibility of being supplied in several parts that will be easily assembled on site (except model SI350), allowing for easy transport, handling and installation on places without skylights
  • Simple design = reliable and durable;
  • Low operating cost and easy maintenance;
  • Parts subject to wear and tear and electrical equipment are out of the water;
  • No bearings, chains or elements in contact with the effluent that need lubrication, or regular inspection, which minimizes wear, chemical attack and need for intervention.
  • Ensures greater efficiency than the traditional solution of screening by chains or cables, given the system used, in the presence of large solids the grid does not jam, continues to perform the collection of solids at the top level.
  • The system guarantees a simple and efficient operation, free of jamming.
  • Polyester strap resistant to all chemicals and freezing (breaking strength = 3 to 12 tons depending on model), easy replacement and low cost.
  • The system for removing solids from the bars is carried out using a highly efficient claw spoon. This is insensitive to small amounts of sand, small stones or other objects.
  • No water consumption for washing
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Compliant with European standards (CE Mark)”