MILROYAL® D ( DSD Technology )

Milton Roy Dosing Pumps

MILROYAL® D ( DSD Technology)
High-end industrial dosing pump, for micro flow rates and high pressures. Virtually indestructible rigid membrane. With the benefits of a plunger and the tightness of a membrane. Robust and compact design with high suction capacity (6 mca). Special for chemical dosing. In accordance with REACH regulations.

  • Flow: from 0,01 l/h to 10,08 l/h.
  • Pressure: 35 bar for plastic liquid ends and 98 bar for metal liquid ends.
  • Precision: ±1%.
  • Special metalic liquid ends for high viscosity >7,000cps.
  • Process fluid temperature: +50ºC.
  • Possibility of supply with double liquid end (duplex).
  • Can be compatible with API standard 675.
  • ATEX.