Graphite Packings

Graphite Packings are intended to offer high temperature capability, good chemical resistance and markedly reduced spindle wear. By selecting or combining the many versions of Graphite Packings available – we are able to offer a versatile range of Graphite Packings with varied handling and performance characteristics. These include high conformability, resistance to extrusion, chemical purity, temperature and oxidation resistance amongst others.


  • Manufactured from expanded graphite ribbons to produce a compression packing of square cross-section that is fully flexible meaning minimal gland pressure is required to affect a seal.
  • Suitable for a wide range of chemical media including steam, oils, grease and many acids and alkalis


  • Suitable for high pressure, high temperature applications
  • Offering excellent sealing and operational reliability for both original equipment manufacturers and plant users alike

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K3222 Catalog (pdf)

K3222W Catalog (pdf)

K40 Catalog (pdf)

K44 Catalog (pdf)

K46 Catalog (pdf)

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