stainless steel stop log penstock


Three-side sealing flush bottom multiple log stainless steel stop log penstock with no actuator for open channels.

Designed for open channel installations in waste water treatment plants, irrigation, hydraulic works and hydro-electric power plants.

The slide is formed by several logs that fit on top of each other in the frame. By adding or removing logs, the SL model allows to control the flow of a channel in a economical way.

The sealing system is incorporated on both laterals and bottom area of each log, resulting in a perfect seal without the need of wedges on the gate. From sizes 6”x 6” (150mm x 150mm) to 80” x 80” (2000mm x 2000mm), the SL model has a unique “lip” type seal design.

The frame of the SL model is typically embedded in a concrete, but can also be designed to be wall mounted or face mounted in a existing channel.