SERIE 4000

Cryogenic Control Valves

Control valves Series 4000 are designed for super vacuum insulated cryogenic plants and can also be used in pilot and experimental plants. Their body is built from stainless steel bars and is therefore completely configurable according to the type of application. All internal parts are completely removable without removing valve body from the pipe line, so all maintenance operations are made more easily. All Burocco valves are delivered after testing and calibration and ready for a long utilize, without maintenance.


  • Size (DN): DN 10 – 40
  • Pressure rating: PN16 (DN32/40); PN16/40 (DN10/25)
  • Connections: Welded BW
  • Type sealing: Soft (Class VI) ; Metallic (Class IV – V)
  • Characteristic: Linear, Equalpercentage (eqp%)
  • Action: Pneumatic with diaphragm (supply max 3 bar)
  • Temperature: from -196 to +100ºC


  • Full stainless steel actuator for corrosive environment
  • Handwheel for emergency operation
  • Valve positioners and Position feedback
  • Stroke limiter and limit switches
  • Airset
  • Electric linear actuators (230 V AC, 110/115 V AC, 24 V; AC/DC)
  • Hand operating (manual)
  • Pneumatic with piston actuator (serivice ON/OFF)
  • Body and extension special cleaning for Oxiges services
  • Special project design on request