KLINGER piston valves are ideal to guaranteed the shut-off function in the bore thanks to the sealing system. The regulating piston and the lantern bush both feature a curved geometry, which results in a nearly linear flow line. This design makes it possible to convert the KVN into a regulating valve at any given time by simply exchanging the piston or the lantern.


  • DN 15-200, 1/2 "-8"
  • PN 16/40/63, classe 150/30
  • Temperature: -10 ° C a +400 ° C
  • Fire Safe test in accordance with the API standard and DIN EN ISO 10497 has been certified by Lloyd's Register and the TÜV Austria respectively
  • Valve for oxygen service The BAM Berlin confirms the resistance to internal burnout under the influence of oxygen pressure surges. This refers to utilizing the KVN piston valve at up to 40 bar and operating temperatures of up to 60 °C.
  • Valve on the basis of "TA Luft" The requirements of the "TA Luft" regarding the permissible leakage rates at the spindle passage have been fulfilled
  • Emission testing The ISO 15848 and VDI 2440 emission tests for KLINGER KVN piston valves at ≥ 250 °C have been certified by the TÜV Austria


  • Excellent control characteristics
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliably tight in the bore and to atmosphere in accordance with EN 12266-1 – leakage rate A
  • Suitable for steam condensate-alternating operation as well as temperature shock operations
  • Special sealing elements for highest actuation count
  • No erosion on sealing surface
  • Revisable without requiring removal from pipe system
  • Fire Safe


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