KLINGER WALL COLLAR Gasket is for use wherever pipes are routed through masonry, walls and floor tiles. In case of infiltrating water, groundwater or elevated groundwater tables in the locality of watercourses, rivers etc. the KLINGER wall seal ring positioned at the center of the masonry protects the building against ingressing moisture. In swimming pools and enclosed floor basins, the KLINGER wall seal ring provides protection against the escape of water and shields the soil against liquids.
The KLINGER wall seal ring can be used on steel, plastic, stoneware, concrete, cast iron and coated pipes.


  • The KLINGER Wall Collar is pressure-tight up to 8 bar and approved by the TÜV
  • The KLINGER Wall Collar is manufactured from EPDM as standard. Other materials, such as NBR with particular approvals for installation in difficult environments, are possible.
  • DN20 to DN2000
  • The KLINGER Wall Collar is supplied with clamps as standard. Mounting takes place without special tools


  • On its inner diameter V-ribs that are complex in shape and which fit closely and tightly even on uneven pipe surfacess
  • The multitude of V-ribs ensures a good sealing function of the masonry collar
  • The design and material selection (EPDM) ensure long-term dimensional stability and safety when fixing it in the wall.
  • The elasticity of the KLINGER Wall Collar allows for installation of pipes made of plastic, clay pipes, concrete, cast iron, steel and coated pipes