KGS II Elastomere Gaskets - KLINGER Portugal
Elastomere Gaskets - KLINGER Portugal
KGS II - Elastomere Gaskets
Elastomere Gaskets - KLINGER Portugal


KLINGER® KGS gaskets of the new generation open astonishing application fields which were not able to be reached with conventional gaskets made of rubber. KLINGER® KGS is the synonym for safe sealing of gases and liquids even under difficult installation conditions.

» Absence of blockages even in the case of fibrous materials
» Low and simple maintenance
» Completely closed transport section and odor-free
» Reduced speed of rotation and absence of intermediate supports
» Possibility of carrying different types of solids

» High load-bearing capacity of the bond between steel ring and rubber
» Safe sealing possible even at the lowest surface pressures
» Very high static loads such as pipe and bolt forces can be absorbed
» Highly efficient material usage leads to lower weight (easier handling and lower transport costs)