DHSB-JHSB Diamond Series
DHSB series progressive cavity pump
JHSB series progressive cavity pump


Hopper Industrial Series

Series with hopper an auger feed screw to convey directly the product to hydraulic part, are the ideal machines for pumping viscous and non-flowing, with a very high solids content.
The DHS e JHS series are the hopper rectangular version with increased auger feed screw to the hydraulics. Suitable to pumping non flowing product up to 40% of dry that tend to create bridge or blocks that shut out, is particularly useful in the pumping product that tent to deform under load (pseudo plastic behavior) . The auger feed screw integrates a special device for joint protection.

DHSB series: the drive is coupled directly to the pump via a flange. This solution is extremely cheap and compact, considerably reducing installation costs and simplifying maintenance. The stress generated by the hydraulic part is supported by the drive itself. Each drive used is adequately selected based on their specific technical parameters and are subject to numerous duration tests with heavy loads.

JHSB Series: the drive is connected to the shaft inlet via a coupling joint. This configuration is the best solution in terms of performance and durability. All the stress generated by the pump is absorbed by the bearings in the housing. These bearings have very high resistance against loads. They are assembled with extreme precision on the highest quality manufactured parts. It is the best solution when you want to guarantee duration and reliability, yet with greater installation space requirements. The bearing housing designed by us is modular and can be installed after a pump with the DHS series block housing. It is state of the art for this type of installation.