PLASTIC Static Mixer Milton Roy


Statiflo Series 400 Pipe Mixers: Plastic construction for cost effective general purpose and corrosion resistant duties. Fixed mixing elements housings with flanged/threaded ends or with coupling connections. Optional injectors and sample points.
Our Series 400 Pipe Mixers are also available in other plastics such as PP, PE, PVDF or cPVC.

» Market-leading mixing element designs
Supplied with fixed STS mixing elements, with adjustable element geometry to meet your specific maximum headloss or maximum overall length requirements.

» Available for all pipe sizes
Diameters available range from as small as DN15 (1/2”) up to DN300 (12”).

» Superior mixture qualities achievable
Designed to achieve a Coefficient of Variation (CoV) of 0.05 or less by the discharge of the mixing elements for miscible systems – meaning you can take a representative sample at the downstream end of the mixer.

» Accessories to complement
Available with optional flanged or threaded injection/sample branches.

» Materials to suit your requirements
Available in uPVC, PE100, Polypropylene, PVDF or cPVC.