Industrial Static Mixer


Statiflo General Industrial Inline Static Mixers suitable for all process industries supplied with fixed or removable mixing elements. Usually supplied with SO or WN flanged end connections, but could equally be supplied with plain or weld prepared ends. Screwed/threaded end connections available for smaller sizes. Optional flanged or threaded injectors and sampling points.Optional heating/cooling jackets.Can be supplied in all commercially available metallic materials.

» Market-leading mixing element designs
Supplied with fixed STL elements (Series 100) or fixed STM elements (Series 150), with adjustable element geometry to meet your specific maximum headloss or maximum overall length requirements. For CustodyTranser/Fiscal Measurement applications a specialist adapted type of mixing element is used.

» Available for all pipe sizes
Diameters from as small as DN15 (1/2”) with no theoretical upper limit.

» Superior mixture qualities achievable
Designed to achieve a Coefficient of Variation (CoV) of 0.05 or less by the discharge of the mixing elements for miscible systems – meaning you can take a representative sample at the downstream end of the mixer.

» Accessories to complement
Available with optional Statiflo Chemical Dosing Lances to fine tune the mixing performance, or with integral sample connections.

» Materials to suit your requirements
Stainless steel, epoxy coated carbon steel, Alloy C276, Dulplex/Super Duplex, Inconel or any other commercially available material.