KB and K Type Straight Through Designs for Solids Handling

Smooth, straight-through design
High flow capacity
Can handle highly abrasive fluids with up to 100% solids content

  • Hand wheel sized for comfortable grip and easy operation
  • Lubricated for life, and protected from dust, dirt and atmospheric contaminants
  • Double threaded stem reduces handwheel turns
  • Diaphragm replaceable with valve in line
  • Paint finish resists environmental attack
  • Resilient diaphragm handles abrasives and suspended particles in the line, but still provides positive shut-off and isolates all bonnet working parts from the line fluid
  • Reinforced diaphragms give long life and leak-free operation
  • Screwed and flanged options in a wide range of body materials
  • Body lining including glass and a wide range of elastomers
  • Smooth non-turbulent body design for unrestricted flow and minimum pressure drop
  • Yellow valve indicator provides visual indication of the position of the valve