Weir Design for Corrosive Media and Utilities

Versatile and extensively used in industrial applications:
Can handle up to 15% solids (depending on process conditions)
Perfect valve for on/off or control applications on corrosive processes

  • Wide choice of diaphragm materials, which isolate all bonnet working parts from the line fluid
  • Screwed, flanged or welded end connections that adhere to various international standards
  • Lubricated for life, and protected from dust, dirt, moisture and atmospheric contaminants
  • Hand wheel sized for comfortable grip and easy operation
  • Paint finish resists environmental attack
  • Reinforced diaphragms give long life and leak free operation
  • Different lining options available to handle all fluids
  • Compressor provides support to the diaphragm in all positions, improving the life of the diaphragm
  • Yellow valve indicator provides visual indication of the position of the valve