Double eccentricity valve, construction according to EN593 standard, 100% sealing guaranteed by a gasket with “T” section located on the outside diameter of the disc and steel seat of the welded stainless steel body.
Exterior and interior Epoxy coating with WRAS approval for drinking water.

  • Double Eccentric structure ensures low operating torques with zero leakage performance.
  • Inner and outer surfaces of the valve are coated with average 250 microns thickness of fusion bonded epoxy. (FBE) min 300micron available upon request.
  • Higher thicknesses are available upon request.
  • Low moments are obtained by decreasing the friction through self-lubricating bushings.
  • Can bear high stretching stresses on the pipeline through the ductile iron body and disc
  • High impact resistance.
  • Reduces the pressure loss through the disc designed in accordance with the direction of flow
  • Pressure loss is at minimum level by double shaft design.
  • Sealing gaskets made of EPDM (default), NBR or VITON supplied according to operating conditions and demand can be disassembled and replaced easily in field conditions.
  • With the o-rings on the bearing bushings, disc pin holes are protected against corrosion (Dry shaft)
  • Retaining ring is assembled to the disc with imbus bolts, the disc is protected against corrosion by placing o-rings under the bolts.
  • Through the gearbox assembled on top flange, it maintains openning/closing the valve with very low torques.
  • Lifting lugs and feet ease the weight balance during transport and installation.
  • With the stainless steel welding, in the valve will have higher sealing resistance.
  • Chamber installation
  • Installation in plants
  • Pipelines
  • Water treatment plants
  • Pumping stations
  • Tanks and reservoirs
  • Seawater applications
  • Power plants (cooling water pipelines)
  • Industries