Automatic disc equipments with 2”S or 3” Giradisc filters for small and medium flows.

  • Filtering element: Slotted disc cartridge manufactured with polypropylene for an optimum resistance and filtering quality for an extended filter life. Filtering grades from 5 to 200 microns.
  • Hydrociclonic effect: The innovative tangential input makes it possible, and keeps the filtering cartridge clean for a long time and minimizes water consumption and energy flow used.
  • Equipment: Filtering equipments are supplied with hydraulic counterwash valves, joints, screws, suction pads, a pressure gauge, an automatic cleaning timer, a differential pressure switch and connection collectors.
  • Materials: Filter body made of polyamide reinforced with glass fiber. Collectors can be manufactured from HDPE high-density polyethylene, from stainless steel or carbon steel with a treatment of sandblasting-phosphating, inner/outer electrostatic paint coats in epoxi-polyester, later polymerized in a high-temperature oven.
  • Modularity: Its modular design allows an easy enlargement and adaptation to any kind of spaces.
  • Pressure features: Maximum work pressure: 10 kg/cm2. Equipments with higher pressure requirements can be also supplied to order.
  • Adaptations: There are special solutions for saline water installations; and possibility of cleaning using external water or compressed air.
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Water treatment
  • Gardening and landscaping